„If anyone can flawlessly organize a great wedding than that person is Maja Rinčić. Dear Maja, we thank you for reccomending an excellent catering (well done Lido for tastefull food and great service); excellent bend that played a music for our ears and a great photographers team. We thank you for organizing a hotel for the guests and  taxi service and for all good suggestions, ideas, effort and great organization.
And if we were to marry the secondtime we would choose all the same..but we won’t … So for every future couple we reccomand Maja for organizing their wedding so they can be sure everything will be well done! One more big thank you!“




“Dear Maja,
Thank you so much for your help and excellent service during our wedding in Croatia. As foreigners, we were worried about organization of such event abroad. You make our special day gorgeous and exactly as we imagined. Organization was flawless! We didn’t bother for anything but for our joy and love only. We are glad we choose “San Vjenčanja” as our wedding agency and sincerely appreciate all your efforts.”
Constantine & Antoaneta





„Our wedding day went like a ‘Little trip to heavan’ and every memory of it puts a smile to our  faces. All we wanted was to be rellaxed, happily, dancefull and careless. A big thanks to Maja for all the energy and help she gave us to get just what we wanted.“







marina-i-amir_onedaystudio_0164MARINA AND AMIR WEDDING

„We all dream about our wedding day. We imagine a sunny and bright day, worm spring and every detail carefully planed. Our day started like that but just before the wedding ceremony it startedto rain. It was pooring! Maja managed to change the whole outdoor storry to an indoor story in a very short notice. The ceremony was held in a white wedding tent whit the sounds of beautifull romantic music. And regardless oft he rain, clouds and dark sky that day was the most beautifull and happiest and actually the suniest day of our lives. Thank you for making our dream come true!“






„It’s a pity we don’t get married every Saturday!! Thank you Maja for helping us make our day the day to remember. Compliments are still arriving from all around and everyone would like to get married suddenly . Even the skeptics were left speachless and the two of us can’t say nothing but great thank you!







Ivana and Tin wanted an intimate ceremony outdoors, so they picked a Golf & Country Club just outside the city of Zagreb. On the 5th of June 2010 they exchanged their wedding ring sin the oasis of peace and green at the sunset. The celebration was held int he restaurant neer by.
„We are so happy you made this wedding just like we dreamd. Everyone was breathless and enchanted. The ceremony, gazeebo decoration and all of your sugestions were justified. We will reccomand you to all of our friends. Thank you thank you again from the hart.“






Andrea and Igor took vows on eternal love on 29th of May 2010. At the „Zagreb sea“ – Jarun. The big event was celebrated in the restourant „Lido“. during the wedding ceremony to the happy and relaxed bride and groom were smileing not onley the sun but the curious people who went for a walk by the Jarun lake.
„Everything was like a fairy-tale. The outdoor ceremony just like we covet. Do to a wedding that is rarely seen under such beautifull gazeebo the guests were thrilled. We are so happy we crowned our love int he most beautifull way and at a special place for us.“





02_Helena i Zivko_062 NASLOVNA_800x534HELENA AND ZIVKO WEDDING

On the 2nd of June 2010 Helena and Živko said their „I doos“ in fronto f 60 guests. The wedding ceremony was held at the „Spoon“ restourant in Hypo center in Zagreb. „LILI“ gazeebo was decorated with ivy and silk scarfs and was set inside the restourant and during the evening was a beautifull coulis for taking photos in it.
„As soon as we saw „LILI“ gazeebo we knew it would fit in our wedding story. The guests were delighted and „LILI“ gave a special touch to the wedding as the photographies that we have in our wedding book are extraordinery.“






On the 28th of February 2010 on the Jarun lake Petra and Marko said their „I doos“. The ceremony was held by the sounds of music and sent of pine trees under the „LILI“ gazeebo and left everybody breathless.
Here is what the bride and groom said and the rest you can see on the photographs.
„We bieleve thet for a lot of newlyweds, like us too, their wedding is blury from all the excitment, a wish that everithing goes well and everyone has a good time…

But the one thing we will certenly remember is the ceremony itselfe, which wouldn’t be so romantici f we woren’t married under the Jarun pine trees, by a song „Vilo moja“ and int he most romantic gazeebo „LILI“. The white carper, all the decorations, guests around… unforgetable!
But the gazeebo dazeled everyone!
The comment that best describes the ceremony was (and inspite the fact our wedding was not traditional and ordinary): „Fairytale wedding!“. And it really was like a romantic movie.