“If you stop and listen flowers will tell you a story. They can fascinate you with their color, sent and shape. With their beauty it will start your imagination and make your wedding complete in most beautifull way.

Flowers have their meaning, it’s colors present emotions, personality and state of concious. White is a color of perfection, purity and tenderness. Red is a color of passionate love and energy, pink is a color of youth and happiness and purpul is a color of achievement and success. Typs of flowers also tell a story. Peonys have a meaning of honor and wealth, freesia of calmness, calla lilly has a meaning os elegance and luxury, orchids of beauty and excitement and a rose as a queen of all flowers has a meaning of love.
Let yourself go into a hands of our experienced florists, let them take you into a world of imagination and turn your wedding into a fairytale..



Theme weddings are for bold couples who like to step out of the frame of known. the best part of these weddings are guests in costumes who get into their part and become someone else for that evening because everyone likes to wear a mask sometime :). That kind of  weddings get another dimension and party is always excellent. Theme weddings are just unforgetable!



Flowers and flower decorations are the most beautiful part of the wedding. The fragrances, colors and shapes combined in one story are the reflection of you and your style. We will consult you and help you select the most beautiful flowers that we can form in the most interesting shapes and we will do that by following your wishes. There are a lot of decorative details on the wedding: wedding bouqet, wedding ceremony decoration, arranging tables for the guests, arranging table decorations for the newlyweds…there are so many possibilities. And if you are wondering what to do with all the flowers after the wedding, just give it to your guests and they will have something to smell and remember for days.